European Laminated Beech – Stocked by Market Timbers

BauBuche is an LVL product (laminated veneer lumber) made from European Beech. Unlike Australian softwood LVLs, BauBuche is made from hardwood, giving it some of the highest structural qualities on the market. Veneer layers 3mm thick are layered together turning the wonderful blonde timber into benchtops, beams, flooring… anything your imagination can dream up.
Because of it’s superior strength, structural elements of joinery, stairs and furniture can all be created with slimmer dimensions – however you may not want to reduce the amount of BauBuche used because of its wonderful visible elements. The laminations create long clean lines interspersed with desirable imperfections – the result being a clean contemporary look with natural wood elements spread across the face of the boards.
View our project reference sheet to get an idea of how this innovative and sustainable product can be used – you’ll be surprised at the breadth of projects that have already taken advantage of its unique qualities! If you like what you see, contact us today to discuss your ideas!