Introducing BauBuche

A modern timber product, BauBuche Panel lends an entirely new look to beech, the traditional furniture maker’s wood. Thanks to the vertically aligned veneer layers, the surface of the hardwood panels is both elegant and extremely tough. BauBuche Panel is as easy to use as solid wood panels. The sanded surfaces are also ideal for further finishing and colouring with stains.

Stair Treads

BauBuche works extremely well as stair treads, creating a unique and eye catching experience whilst retaining all the structural stability required.


The exposed laminations across a bench-top express the classic qualities of wood with a modern industrial twist.


Like solid timber, BauBuche can be used creatively a variety of situations. It works exceptionally well in furniture where the unique laminated qualities can be seen.

Interior Design

Create a striking impression in a versatile environment – the high load bearing properties of BauBuche make it perfect for a variety of interior applications.
BauBuche can be used for a variety of applications in timber construction, interior design, furniture and flooring.
The load-bearing capacity of BauBuche reduces dimensions and cross-sections in timber construction – that means more space and lower material consumption.
BauBuche is suitable for large spans.
BauBuche has a wide range of applications – from the smallest component to 18-metre long boards and beams.
BauBuche creates new possibilities for laminated veneer lumber with top-quality aesthetics and unmatched strength.
BauBuche is distinguished by its precise 3.0 mm veneer layer composition and exceptional surface quality
BauBuche is as easy to use as solid wood, and is ideal for visible construction elements.
BauBuche saves on connectors, and thus reduces costs, due to its high density and homogeneity.
BauBuche is price-competitive through efficient manufacturing and economical use of materials.
By applying precision technology, BauBuche preserves the morphology and strength of the natural wood.

BauBuche Data Page

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