CORK flooring is a unique material that has a host of benefits other than being beautiful. The retro appeal of cork floors has seen a recent spike in popularity, and rightly so. It is definitely a material to consider, so read on to look at some of the benefits of choosing a cork floor.

The Great Insulator
Cork flooring is a fantastic insulator of both noise and heat. This attribute makes it a fantastic choice around the home, as it eliminates the dreaded bare feet on cold laminate scenario. Also, if your home is prone to heavy footfall, you will be blessed with a quiet, sound dampening flooring that does not bark at you if you are wearing shoes.

Durable and Spongy
Cork is a very flexible material, and lends itself perfectly to an area where you will be standing around in a lot. Think of a gym room or a kitchen. Cork flooring works as a padding for your feet, its shock absorbing qualities provides gentle comfort. Imagine a common scenario where somebody accidentally drops a glass cup or porcelain plate, the danger of stepping on razor sharp shards is removed with the softer density of Cork. The durability of cork flooring makes it super resistant to wear and tear, and any scuffs or scrapes blend into corks natural pattern.

No Longer A Fortune
Cork is generally cheaper than your typical hardwood timber floor. With advances in technology Cork can now be installed in a variety of flooring types, from floating veneered products, to solid 8mm glue-down Cork. In addition to the cheaper material cost, you can now also save money on the installation, thanks to innovations in manufacturing. With today’s floating Cork floors, the simple click-lock system means anybody can install this type of flooring without any floor laying experience.

A Floor For Life
One of the biggest advantages of choosing cork flooring is its longevity. Cork can withstand a lot of punishment over the years and still keep its springy nature and natural aesthetic. If a heavy object dints the Cork, its elasticity means it will retain its original form. Raw Solid Cork is also available, this requires an on-site sand and finish which allows endless options for customised colours and finishes. The biggest advantage of Cork flooring is its impact to the environment, Cork flooring is a completely sustainable, renewable material, as it is harvested from the bark of cork trees which regrows every 9 years.