Cork Wise – Sustainable Flooring

CORK WISE is a sustainable, non PVC, floating flooring solution. It is 100% waterproof, meaning it’s suitable for a number of indoor applications.



Particularly useful in high density living and working spaces such as apartment buildings; Cork is able to assist in blocking out noise and providing sound insulation. There is no need to worry about the party next door or the home theatre in the flat above you! The cellular strucutre of Cork provides a great sound barrier.

Impact resistance

Being a highly elastic and compressable material, Cork has an incredible ability to deal with the application of pressure. Because of this it outperforms a number of other flooring solutions including: carpet, laminate or ceramic floors. The unique cell strucutre of Cork makes it an impressive shock absorber.


Ideal for high use spaces that endure alot of foot traffic as well as the potential for fluid spills. Kitchens, bathrooms and laundries are perfectly suited for the durability of Cork Wise


Cork is an incredbly sustainable material. It is renewable, fully recyclable and biodegradeable. Our suppliers at Amorim Cork have invested substantial amounts of money into ensuring WISE is a climate positive, 100% sustainable product. It combines the ideas of comfort and the environment perfectly.