Custom Joinery

Market Timbers has been operating from our warehouse in Brooklyn since 1947 and we’ve picked up a fair amount of expertise along the way. Our employees not only have knowledge in timber flooring, but can help discuss and (depending on the project) create custom projects for you! Whether its a large feature door or a custom benchtop contact us today to discuss how we can help you!


Looking for floating stairs? How about custom curved treads or winders? We have the expertise to help with all stair types.


We make our benchtops in our warehouse in Brooklyn. Each one is lovingly crafted specifically to order with the exact dimensions and materials that you require.


If you’re looking for an eye catching cabinet ask us about BauBuche. The European laminated product has a striking look that is sure to impress.


Australia has a wonderfully diverse range of native timbers – each with their own unique palette. Your front door is your home’s first impression to the world, contact us to discuss how we can make it an impressive one.

Kitchen Joinery

Looking to smarten up an old kitchen or add a feature piece to a renovation? We will work with you through the design process to create any kitchen joinery you require.

Garage Doors

Garage doors provide an opportunity to express the stunning natural qualities of timber. We have all the know how to guide you through the process of material choice and exposed timber care.

Vehicle Beds

Looking for an unusual application for timber? Some of our favourite projects have been boutique timber beds for antique car refurbishments!

Conference Tables

As well as looking impressive, large conference tables provide the facilities required to host important meetings or just casual get-togethers. The example above is 5.5 meters long!


Crisp timbers look stunning when paired with clean materials like porcelain and marble. This makes timber vanities a timeless addition to your home.


A creative solution to balancing privacy and views – screening is a practical and eye-catching addition to your home.

Bespoke Tables

We’re always looking for inspiration – have a great idea for a bespoke piece of furniture for your home? We have all the experience to make it an impressive feature item.

Bed Frames

A great and timeless addition to your bedroom, a quality handcrafted bed frame will last for years and can’t be matched for style.