21 Sep 2023

Cork has been a staple in our homes for as long as we’ve been drinking wine and using coasters. But if cork interiors make you think of orangey, brown 1970s interiors, you might be in for a surprise. No longer a dated relic from a less-stylish era, cork is making a comeback. In a big way. Find out why architects and designers are making cork their flooring material of choice.


Cork flooring: the rising trend

With style and sustainability being trendy no matter the season, it makes sense that cork takes centre stage.

The mark of an exceptional building material is its ability to complement its surroundings or be a design statement in its own right. Cork’s reputation as a bonafide sustainable product also makes it perfect for biophilic designs. It’s no surprise those in the worlds of architecture and interior design swear by it.


5 undeniable benefits of cork flooring

Is cork flooring a good idea? It’s a fair question. Design is subjective, and what works for your home mightn’t work for others. That said, cork flooring has a host of benefits that will elevate any home. Let’s take a look.

1. It’s tough

Cork’s strength and durability is probably its most recognisable benefit. Impermeable to gas and liquid, resistant to fire and termites, there isn’t much that cork can’t defend against. This makes it a practical choice for your home, no matter where you plan to use it. Again, you only need to look at its record of preserving wine for centuries to see how tough it is.

Cork’s durability is one of the main reasons behind its sustainability. It lasts a long time, with minimal maintenance or repair needed. It’s easy to install and replace, making it a wonderful option should you change your mind in the coming years.

Cork flooring being installed in a living area.

2. It’s safe

Part of what makes cork flooring safe is its durability. Having water, fire, and termite-resistant flooring means your home is less susceptible to moisture damage, better equipped to exist in fire-prone regions, and won’t succumb to structural harm from pests.

It’s not just the cork itself that makes cork flooring safe, either. The glues that bind it to the floor and the finishes applied to its top side contain sustainable, water-based, non-toxic ingredients.  

Once installed, cork flooring is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for bathroom and kitchen areas where fluctuating temperatures and moisture allow bacteria to blossom.  

3. It insulates

Cork’s impermeability makes it a natural insulator. This means it helps make your home a pleasant place to live, no matter the season. The bonus of having flooring that helps regulate the temperature in your home is you’re less reliant on fans, heaters, and air conditioning to achieve the perfect environment. Which, over time, will save you plenty on your energy bills. 

It keeps the sound in, too. Conference rooms, recording studios, and anywhere the decibels rise will benefit from using cork. 

4. It’s sustainable

Using less energy makes our home more sustainable. And these days, we all want to live in homes built on sustainable materials and greener practices. 

From its biodegradable properties to the centuries-old method for harvesting the bark—which helps the tree regenerate—cork stands up to any scrutiny regarding its sustainability credentials.  

Cork Pure flooring installed in a dining room and kitchen area.

5. It’s aesthetically versatile

Of course, you still want your home to look stunning. From a design point of view, the relief is that cork flooring looks just that. Stunning. 

Rich, earthy shades and brilliant natural patterns define most colour profiles for cork flooring, allowing you design flexibility. This flexibility translates to more than just your cork floor tiles, too. Features walls covered in cork tiles, kitchen splashbacks that use cork cladding, any space or application can be transformed by adding cork.


What makes Market Timbers the cork flooring experts?

Ready to discover the design benefits of cork flooring? Our friendly, design-centred team understands the nuances of bringing your dream home to life. So, we’ll pair you with the cork flooring that suits your needs. Get in touch today, and together, let’s make your home something magical and memorable. 

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