7 Dec 2023

Whether you’re building your dream home, a healthy workspace, or a stunning retail store, getting the perfect timber flooring is so much more than just a design choice. It’s a decision that defines the character and functionality of a room — creating the foundation for how you use and style the space.

That’s because each timber species has its own natural qualities, making each one suited to different environments. This guide will take you through the different wood flooring options to help you make the best choices for your space.


Solid or engineered? The different types of wood flooring

Before you dive straight into the colours, tones, and wood textures you want for your ideal design, it helps to start with the flooring type. This decision is a delicate balance between the type of flooring and the timber species, as each wood type has an ideal flooring construction. These are the two main types of wood flooring: solid and engineered.


Solid timber flooring

A timeless choice, solid timber is known for its sturdiness and long-lasting beauty. Each plank is cut from a single piece of timber, offering a unique look that gets better with age. It has the longest lifespan of any other wood flooring and can be sanded and refinished multiple times. This wood flooring type is perfect for those looking for a long-term investment that increases the value of their property.


Engineered timber flooring

Engineered timber flooring, on the other hand, offers a practical and versatile alternative to solid timber. It’s constructed with a real timber veneer on top of multiple layers of other wooden materials. So, you get the beauty of real wood but with more stability. It’s a smart choice if you love the look of hardwood but need the practical benefits of a more stable floor. For areas that are affected by moisture, like basements and bathrooms, go for engineered over solid timber flooring.

Traditional cork flooring from Market Timbers with matching neutral furnishings in a living area.


The types of wood flooring species

But, the flooring type is just the beginning. Once you’ve chosen a flooring construction that suits your space, it’s time to pick out the timber species that will complement it. The ideal wood for your floors will consider how you plan to use the space and how you want it to feel, setting the overall tone of the room. Below are the most popular timber types and how they’ll work in different environments.



Timeless and versatile, Oak is a well-known staple, bringing a balanced blend of durability and elegance. Whether for your bustling family kitchen or a quiet work area, its golden honey shades create a warm, comfortable atmosphere. It’s resistant to wear and won’t trap allergens, so maintenance is a breeze.



Ideal for adding a bit of rustic charm, Pine timber offers a soft, welcoming feel with gentle tones and visible knots. As a softwood, Pine is less durable than hardwoods like Oak. But with regular maintenance, it will last just as long. This makes it the more cost-effective option as well as being much easier to work with.


Spotted Gum

For a medium-density wood that’s lighter but still durable, Spotted Gum comes in a range of earthy, brown shades. Its dark tones show off its distinctive grain patterns, bringing life and movement to any space. To keep it’s natural look, make sure to seal it. This will protect your floors from moisture and sun damage.



If you love clean, contemporary lines and light colouring, then Blackbutt is the choice for you. It’s a dense native Australian hardwood species, which makes it suitable for sunlit spaces and high-traffic areas. The light colour also lends itself well to staining or refinishing, so it can be easily updated to suit your style.


Grey Ironbark

Contrary to its name, Grey Ironbark is recognised for its deep brown shades and rich colour variations. Known for its impressive durability, Grey Ironbark is the embodiment of strength and beauty. Its uniform colour and even texture make for a consistent look that will last and last.



Jarrah is one of the strongest and most durable native Australian hardwood species. Its deep red and brown tones create a comfy, inviting feel, and its wavy grain patterns provide a striking contrast. It can even be stained and polished to match your colour palette.


The choice is easy with Market Timbers

Whether you opt for the rich, warm tones of Jarrah or the sophisticated elegance of Blackbutt in engineered timber flooring, we can help you achieve your dream design aesthetic and the functional needs of your space. Reach out to one of our expert team members or drop by our showroom to see our collection in person.

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