2 Feb 2023

We know that building your dream home takes a lot of mental energy. But at least you can cross ‘researching the latest design trends’ off the to-do list. That’s because simple and sustainable interior design is in! And it’s got everyone searching for modern, natural interior design ideas for their home and renovation projects. 

Nature-inspired home design

When you’re trying to achieve a natural interior design style, you can’t go past cork and timber. These gorgeous, eco-friendly building materials are aesthetically versatile and timeless. So, they’ll always be on trend. For fresh inspiration, check out our most popular natural interior design ideas for 2024.

Open-plan kitchens and timber benches

Think about it: how often have you walked into a new restaurant or cafe and immediately noticed the stunning benchtop laid out before you? If you’re like us, it probably happens a lot. And for good reason. As a design statement, a well-placed, well-designed benchtop commands attention. 

A timber benchtop is especially striking in a kitchen space as it forms the central design focus for complementing the rest of the kitchen. Choosing a darkly rich timber such as Brushbox or Ironbark allows you to contrast the rest of the kitchen’s interior in light shades. Add to this an environmentally friendly finish, and it not only looks great but is healthy for your family and the environment. Now, what’s on the menu?


An open plan kitchen with kitchen island, timber dining table and matching timber floorings by Market Timbers.

Raise your space with vertical cladding

While cork and timber cladding can work design wonders on your home’s facade, they can work equal wonders on your interiors. Tradition dictates you run cladding horizontally along the brickwork. But running it vertically on the walls in your home provides a point of difference and gives the impression of height. A great option if you have low ceilings. 

Cork wall cladding—besides being pleasing to the eye—is a natural sound insulator; applying it to the walls in your home’s busier rooms will help keep the noise from spreading where the noise is not welcome.

Celebrate the details with wood joinery

If you love the look of cladding but prefer using it sparingly, look to the joinery in your home. Timber or cork cladding cut to size can transform the more minor details in any space. 

Covering the bench seats that run beneath the windows in your living room with timber, concealing your pantry barn door by covering it in cork panels that match the kitchen wall, there’s an endless list of ways you can incorporate timber and cork with thoughtful, functional joinery design. 

Embrace the benefits of cork ceilings

Cork on the floors, cork on the walls. But, cork on the ceiling? Absolutely. The ceiling is one area of a space that is often forgotten about; with cork cladding set above, your eyes will be drawn up, helping you appreciate the entire space. Cork is incredibly versatile to work with and can be cut to accommodate any lighting fixtures, no matter how intricate the overall design is. 

As well as being a wonderful sound insulator, cork is a natural thermal insulator. By having cork ceilings in a room, you help to keep a room warm by trapping the hot air that rises.  

An interior design project for Starbucks in Brisbane featuring a cork ceiling by Market Timbers.

Mix and match cork and timber

Pairing multiple timbers is difficult due to the wild variations in colour and grain patterns. The alternative to this challenge is choosing both cork and timber in the same design. Since they’re organic interior design staples, they complement each other effortlessly. 

Again, let your imagination take the reigns. Match timber flooring with cork walls to create a seamless flow from ground to ceiling. Or, set our European oak benchtop against our Malta Chestnut cork wall for a subtle gradient contrast. Getting cork and timber to work together makes your home more sustainable, too, which, over time, will give you peace of mind and save you money. 


Why choose Market Timbers for your cork and timber building needs?

At Market Timbers, we’ve long been fans of cork and timber as natural additions to a space for their design versatility, tremendous visual appeal, and sustainability. That’s why we’ve curated such an exceptional range of cork and timber flooring, cladding, and decking options so that no matter what look you have in mind, we can help bring it to life.

If you’re ready to make your home healthier and more natural, speak with our expert team. Let’s make today the first day of your nature-inspired interior design journey!


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