4 Apr 2024

In a world where design trends come and go, a timeless wood floor will always have its place. The natural warmth and luxury of premium wood floors have made them a staple in contemporary homes and businesses, no matter the interior style or era. 

However, with the sheer variety of wood flooring types and timber species, it’s easy to get swept up in the aesthetics and forget about the practical needs of your space. At Market Timbers, our specialty lies in three main types of wood flooring: solid timber, engineered timber, and parquetry. Explore how each type differs in style, suitability to different environments, and price so you can find the perfect fit for your project. 


The honey-toned hues of the solid timber flooring complement the artwork in a gallery.

Solid timber flooring

From light and neutral Tasmanian Oak to red-rich Brushbox, a solid timber or ‘hardwood’ floor serves as the foundation for a beautiful and functional space. As the name implies, this type of flooring is 100% solid wood from top to bottom. It starts as a single piece of timber cut from a log, then undergoes kiln drying and profiling to become gorgeous hardwood flooring that only grows finer with age. 


In modern design, the popularity of timber remains as strong as ever. Its eye-catching appearance is a major reason why so many homeowners, builders, and designers consistently choose solid timber flooring over other flooring alternatives. It is characterised by a beautiful natural grain and the warmth of real timber. 

Because timber is a naturally sourced material, no two planks will ever be alike. However, due to their natural wood composition, hardwood floors offer a classic yet limited colour palette. 


Beyond aesthetics, flooring is expected to withstand constant use. Fortunately, solid timber flooring has the longest lifespan of any other wood flooring and can be sanded and refinished multiple times. A durable solid timber floor is also low maintenance, easy to clean, and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for areas with high foot traffic. 

While solid wood flooring looks great in most spaces – offices, living rooms, hotels, restaurants, and bedrooms – they are sensitive to moisture and humidity found in wet areas. Due to the porous nature of solid wood, water can be easily absorbed into the material and cause unsightly buckling or cupping. 


As a premium wood, solid timber flooring carries a price tag to match. Bear in mind that with proper care and attention, quality timber floors can last a lifetime. This wood flooring type is perfect for those looking for a long-term investment that increases the value of their property. 


The family room adjacent to the staircase features elegant engineered European oak timber flooring.

Engineered timber flooring

Real-wood beauty meets enhanced stability with engineered timber flooring. A practical and stable alternative to solid timber, engineered timber refers to the process of cutting and laminating timber pieces together to create a composite material.

Engineered timber typically comprises multiple layers. For instance, the top layer might showcase a species like Blackbutt, while the core consists of another timber species running perpendicular to the top layer. A third species acts as the backing or stabilising layer, aligned with the top layer. This high-density construction acts as a strong, less costly, and equally beautiful alternative to solid timber flooring. 

Highlighting the differences between solid timber and engineered timber.


Despite its layered construction, engineered timber flooring looks and feels like solid timber. The top layer is made from hardwood, which can be treated and finished for a simple, elegant style. Beneath, hidden layers can be constructed from a variety of renewable materials, such as plywood. And with so many species and colour profiles to choose from, engineered timber flooring offers endless design possibilities.


On top of their structural stability, engineered timber boards are highly resistant to moisture because of their unique construction and manufacturer-approved adhesives. They’re less likely to bend or warp from moisture, unlike regular wood flooring. For areas like laundries, basements, and bathrooms, engineered flooring is a smart choice for those who desire the hardwood look with added practical benefits. 


It makes sense that engineered timber tends to be less expensive than solid hardwood. After all, only the top layer is made of slow-growing hardwood, while the rest is composed of faster-growing or synthetic options. The overall cost also depends on which engineered wood flooring type you land on.

The added benefit of engineered timber flooring is the product is supplied completely prefinished, so it just needs to be installed. Solid timber flooring requires sanding and finishing on site after installation, which adds significantly to the overall project cost.


Parquetry Flooring - End Grain Blanc


Parquetry flooring

Imagine stepping into a space that instantly feels warm, inviting, and effortlessly stylish – that’s the magic of parquetry flooring. Whether installed in a modest home or a modern dance studio, this remarkable wooden flooring style has the ability to bring all the design elements of a room together. What’s more, the panels are strong, durable, low maintenance, and simple to sand or resurface. 


Often associated with traditional or premium interiors, parquetry wood flooring is an elegant arrangement of small pieces of wood to form geometric patterns. The intricate patterns and natural colour combinations have a traditional, classic feel with all the benefits of hardwood or engineered timber flooring. Each tile offers endless colour combinations and designs when assembled into parquetry patterns. 

Inspired by European style and class, Market Timbers’ parquetry floors are characterised by growth rings, natural markings, and warm honey tones. 


Parquetry floors have the rare ability to complement any upscale setting. Their unique design makes them a winning choice for grand hotel entrances, galleries, dining rooms, and spacious areas used for formal events. With that in mind, the intricate artistry of parquetry requires ample space to fully appreciate its beauty. In smaller areas like kitchens, the busy patterns may feel cluttered and distracting amongst the furniture and decor. 


The cost of parquetry flooring boils down to the type you pick and how much space you need to cover. You’ve got two main options: solid timber or engineered timber, each with its own price range. So, whether you prefer the classic charm of hardwood or the flexibility of engineered timber, there’s a parquetry style to match your budget and design vision.


Take a step closer to designing your dream space

A beautiful home, office, or business starts with a carefully considered wood floor. Market Timbers is home to a wide range of stunning solid timber, engineered timber, and parquetry wood floors to suit all styles and budgets. We source only the best quality wood from sustainably managed forests so you can bring your residential or commercial space to life in the way you’ve always imagined. 

If you want to keep chatting about the different types of wood flooring and design solutions, reach out to our friendly team of specialists. 

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