Product Innovation

Market Timbers has supplied boutique timber flooring to Melbourne and Australia since 1947 – but did you know that we also supply other materials that are sure to impress homeowners, builders, architects and designers alike! We have moved along with the market and in trying to stay ahead of the game stock engineered timber flooring Melbourne, cork flooring and timber benchtops alongside staples like solid timber flooring and timber decking. Here are some examples of projects that have used some of our best products!

AHMS – Dark Cork

The new Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building will provide a new centre for medical education and research for South Australians. In the continuing expansion of the Biomedical Precinct, the AHMS aims to provide an exciting and vibrant environment to young students – and as such a stunning range of materials and design interventions have been used to create a remarkable building.

Cork flooring, and more specifically our Dark Cork tiles, are used throughout the building as a soft flooring solution that also contributes to a contemporary look. Natural Cork nosings on the stairs increase visibility and safety for occupants of the building. As a natural part of the cork tree’s life cycle, it up-takes CO2 and stores it in its’ bark. This bark can be removed and processed into various materials, resulting in a carbon negative product – making it desirable for environmentally conscious developments. We think the use of cork flooring in the AHMS is one of the best examples of innovative design seen with the product!

Timber Benchtops

We can create custom timber benchtops in any material and finish that you desire! We’ve got you covered from Australian hardwoods like Spotted Gum or Sydney Bluegum, to innovative and exotic materials like Baubuche or European Oak. We think our joiners are the best in the business, call us to discuss what you need for your project!

Engineered Timber Flooring

While solid timber flooring was the mainstay of internal timber for many years, engineered timber floors are fast becoming the industry standard. The top layer of the flooring is made of the exact same material as a solid board, but below this layer are bonded layers of high-density timbers that allow for a floor with greater strength and stability. All the warmth and beauty associated with traditional timber floors is kept while you can sleep easy knowing your floor is as stable as possible. We can source boards that are wider and longer than the competition while maintaining the best price possible. See some examples below of what we think are projects sure to impress!