Long and wide boards – how we achieve the classic look!

Long and wide boards have long been considered the crème de la crème of timber flooring. They provide an amazing aesthetic which can easily be the most eye catching part of any project.

Achieving this level of decadence can come with a hefty price tag, but there are a few lesser known factors which can heavily effect the cost of supplying this kind of raw material. It usually comes as a surprise to our customers whenever we mention that we can supply the exact same product as dearer competitors – and achieve the same overall look at a reduced overall cost. When you consider the enormous costs involved in sourcing the material, finding a safe method of shipping to your nearest port, ensuring all customs and fumigation issues are sorted, it becomes quite an expensive risk with all the potential issues that can go wrong. We’ve heard nightmare scenarios from customers where there has been damage to materials during shipping transport, massive difficulty managing the minefield that is our import procedures and documentation with Australian customs and bigger problems like fumigation issues which can result in your large investment being destroyed in an incinerator. Not to mention the possibility of purchasing incorrect materials and only realising once you have physically sighted the material in your home, at which point it will be too late to rectify. You’d be surprised how often this happens – as unlikely as it sounds.

We can guide you step by step to ensure you choose the right product for your project. Working hand in hand with your architect or designer, we then assist your builder and any finish related trades to ensure the final result meets your high expectations. Market Timbers can also offer a complete supply, install and finish service to further simplify this tedious process. Our trades people are at the top of their game, as we only use first class installers and finishers who take immense pride in their workmanship.

All supplied material from Market Timbers is certified and warrantied. We stand by our material and workmanship so the warranty extends to any installation or finishing work we are contracted to do.

Our European Oak or Douglas Fir timber is sourced only from certified mills. We ensure the timber is harvested only via sustainable means as we place high important on the impact to the environment.

With years of experience with both residential and commercial projects, we understand all of the potential pitfalls, delays and other unexpected issues that can occur. We try to simplify the flooring part of your install as much as possible and our reps are more than happy to sit down with you and work through any schedule or requirements you may have.

Market Timbers can supply the exact same specifications as any of our competitors’ products at a competitive rate.

The factors that you need to consider are the following;
– Preference of species (European Oak or Douglas Fir).
– Desired board width (upto 500mm wide in a single Solid construction)
– Desired board thickness (upto 40mm thick, our reps can assist you in making this decision)
– Desired board lengths (lengths upto 15.0 meters can be achieved in Douglas Fir)
– Grading of timber (how much natural feature or imperfections you want your floor to have)
– Preference of finish (Danish Oil, Waterbased Lacquer, Hardwax finish etc – reps can assist with this decision)

As stated above, comparing apples with apples (same grade, board size, quantity), our rates will be more competitive, with the added benefit of a local supplier who will be a lot more familiar with your local site conditions and on-going expectations of your floor in a typical Australian residential or commercial environment. Although based in Melbourne we can supply all over Australia – so if you’re in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart or Perth please don’t hesitate to call!

Market Timbers international network of suppliers means you are not limited to a single set stock range, instead our reps can help you achieve any timber related requirement. Feel free to contact our sales staff for a friendly chat on what you’re trying to achieve, even if you are undecided and are just wanting to brain storm ideas, we can assist with a multitude of different options for any application.