Cork Flooring

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Our cork comfort range provides increased thermal insulation whilst also feeling great underfoot – comes in a great selection of looks.

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A contemporary alternative that architects and designers are using to bring life to walls and rooms.

Cork in Sagrada Familia

Read an interview with architect Jordi Bonet i Armengol as he discusses the choice to use cork flooring in Gaudi’s famous church.

Looking for a unique facade?

View our MD Cork Facade product, a new and truly innovative cladding that architects and designers are jumping on the opportunity to use.

Modern Cork Flooring

Exclusively available from Market Timbers, Melbourne

Cork Comfort from Market Timbers is born from nature. It is one of the most complete materials for the creation of safe, comfortable and inspiring environments. The first extraction of cork from the cork Oak tree occurs only twenty-five years after planting, following which it is harvested in 9 year cycles, without ever damaging the tree in any way. This method allows the cork Oak forest to fulfil its role of fixing carbon dioxide, thus actively contributing to reducing global warming. This makes modern cork flooring a good alternative to use in your homes.

Additionally, Cork Comfort is 100 percent FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited.

Benefits of our Modern Cork Flooring

Your home should be a space of internal balance, a place of pleasant re-discovery after a challenging day’s work. Cork’s natural properties make it an excellent sound insulator, attenuating the sounds that disturb moments of relaxation and family sharing. It is a proven fact that hard surfaces worsen feet and back injuries in urban societies. Due to its softness underfoot, a cork floor contributes to better body posture and wear and tear on the back and joints within the body structure. Thus, cork makes a good product to use in modern flooring. Cork, a remarkable thermal insulator, inspires tranquil and comfortable environments, helping energy-costs savings.

Cork Flooring Choices available in our Melbourne Showroom

Our premium range of modern Cork Comfort flooring comes in a variety of finishes. Cork Comfort is available in either glued down tiles or floating planks. Achieve the look of mid century modern floor tiles with our cork planks. With Cork Comfort, you also have a choice of finish treatment:

Wear Resistant Technology (WRT) surface for standard traffic residential applications,
High Performance Surface (HPS) for areas that experience high amounts of foot traffic like your standard commercial project.

Cork boards are really good to use in the design of modern hardwood flooring of your beloved homes. And try to use the combination of modern cork and rubber for effect and contrast.

Market Timbers stocks a wide variety of different Cork Comfort colour finishes. Our showroom is based in Brooklyn, Victoria, with most of these Cork finishes on display. Market Timbers can service any area of Australia, so please do not hesitate to contact our office for more information.

Experience modern cork flooring at Market Timbers!