Market Timbers stocks a wide variety of engineered timber flooring products, particularly prefinished engineered oak flooring. Our products are predominantly made from the highest quality grade European oak. The majority of our higher end products are constructed with quality French Oak sourced only by mills that strictly adhere to ‘Sustainable Forestry Practices’. Supplying our flooring with only certified Oak from European countries which mill timber only with ‘Chain of Custody’ documentation ensures timber as a resource stays available for future generations. Market Timbers is sensitive to environmental matters and we do everything we can to ensure timber sourced via illegal logging practices becomes a thing of the past. French or European Oak is a durable species which is why it is utilised in the Engineered layered construction. Engineered timber flooring simply means that the board is constructed in several layers, which creates stability. Because of this boards can be constructed in widths exceeding your standard solid tongue and groove boards. Some of these widths can safely reach in excess of 400mm plus without the risk of structural cupping.


This type of floor is commonly constructed using a multi-ply / poplar or birch base, where the top wear layer is made from solid European Oak, and the bottom layers are constructed from alternating materials. The other variation we supply is a solid construction where instead of a multi-ply base, there are layers of solid European oak all throughout the board. This adds a certain depth to the construction and provides that incredibly distinct solid feel when walking on the floor.


This type of flooring comes in a wide variety of widths, thicknesses and several different finishes and treatments. The majority of our engineered timber flooring products are finished with Danish penetrating oil called WOCA, which is available through Market Timbers. As well as the oil-finished engineered flooring, we also have options that are finished in either water-based polyurethane or hard wax oil. Coupled with this variety of floor finishes, we have a plethora of varying treatments, from hand scraping to heavy-brushed textured surfaces. Boards can be lye treated, smoked, limed, etc. giving our finishes a unique and specialised look.

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