MD Cork Facade

Cork cladding is an exciting new product that innovative architects are quickly taking advantage of. Easily manipulated and highly sustainable, the product can be used for both internal and exterior applications and has a range of attributes that make it a highly desirable material.


The harvesting process for Cork does not harm the tree, and can be repeated every nine years – the result is an increase in the storage of CO2.


With a number of designs and an incredibly distinctive colour and texture, a cork facade is a truly unique and new product that is waiting for innovative designers to be creative with.


Cork has excellent thermal and acoustic insulative properties that make it a great material to use in both internal and external applications.


Unlike many other building materials, MD cork facade is hardy enough to be recycled in both its final form and also into other cork products.

Centro de Idiomas

EAFIT University’s recently finished Languages Building in Medellin, Columbia has used a cork facade in stunning fashion. Architect Juan Manuel Peláez uses a natural and abundant material as reference to the distinct character of northern South America. In a time when economies, cultures and architecture are becoming more and more globalised – material interventions like this allow for the student community to have a local reference in an international learning environment.

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  • 100% natural product
  • Very low embodied energy
  • Carbon Negative
  • Thermal Insulation, Acoustic and anti-vibration simultaneously
  • High dimensional stability
  • Supports temperatures between -180 C and +120 C
  • Almost unlimited durability, keeping technical features
  • Promotes thermal lag
  • Indoor Air Quality A +
  • Permeability to water vapor
  • Resistant to compression (good mechanical properties)
  • In case of fire does not release toxic gases
  • Does not react to chemical agents
  • Not attackable by rodents
  • 100% recyclable and reusable in other applications
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss this product, we are very excited to be stocking such an innovative and interesting material.