We specialise in timber decking in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and all other parts of the country.

As well as doing classic flooring, Market Timbers stock a wide variety of solid timber decking materials in different grades, sizes and made with a number of popular wood species such as Spotted Gum, Merbau, Jarrah and Grey or Red Ironbark. Our boards can also be used for applications such as vertical screening, bench seat fabrications and roof decking.

Outdoor timber


Most of our timber decking has a standard pencil round arris. We can offer some with a reeded back (i.e. Merbau) but the majority of our species are milled with a clean face front and back.

When you choose the materials for outdoor use it’s important to consider the following factors:

1. For external use, the wood should usually be dried to a higher moisture content than is required for internal flooring. This is to ensure that it can sustain Australia’s weather conditions.

2. As solid timber is a hygroscopic product, it is prone to movement from moisture. Solid boards will soak up moisture and swell as a result causing cupping if the correct installation processes are not adhered to. This is something to be wary of.

3. Merbau, although popular, is notoriously prone to tannin bleeding, meaning it will leach its red and brown pigments whenever it rains, staining surrounding concrete or tiles. If you wish to use Merbau, we can recommend a suitable oil coat to counteract this problem.


– Install over a well-ventilated area
– For boards up to 86mm wide, leave a minimum 3mm gap between them to allow for expansion
– Widths exceeding 130mm are recommended to be installed with a minimum 4-5mm gap between boards

Our friendly team is more than happy to provide you with more advice and recommended installation practices for your timber decking; Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne; wherever you are, contact us today!

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