Dry Density:
900 kg/m³

Janka (Hardness) Rating:

Blackbutt is a commonly grown hardwood that has attractive colouring from cream to pale brown, sometimes with a slight tinge of pink. Its grain is usually straight and texture its medium and even. A significant commercial species, Blackbutt is well regarded
by foresters for the high quality of timber, easy regeneration and quick growth. Uses include making poles, railway sleepers, flooring, building framework, cladding, joinery, lining boards, furniture, woodchipping and decking. Wood density is about
900 kg per cubic metre. The sapwood is resistant to attack by lyctus borers, the heartwood is yellowish brown to light brown. Coarse textured, fairly straight grained, common small gum veins. Hard, strong, tough but not particularly difficult to work.
Slow drying of mid to good levels of durability. Blackbutt timber is used in the flooring of Parliament House, Canberra. We stock large rough sawn material in our Melbourne warehouse. We can glue-laminate benchtops to any size required.

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