Weight: 750 kg/m³

Similar to Victorian Ash & Tasmanian Oak, technically speaking ‘Wormy Chestnut’ is not an individual species, it is a combination of resilient Victorian Eucalypt species (eg. Messmate, Silvertop Ash, Brown Barrel). What sets ‘Wormy Chestnut’ apart are its visual characteristics which is comprised of the timber’s natural features creating an overall unique and rustic aesthetic. Each individual floorboard of ‘Wormy Chestnut’ tells a story of its harsh existence in Australia’s brutal conditions. Ravaged by seasonal bush fires, the timber’s surface bears the scars of the flames. The term ‘Wormy’ comes from the swirling black squiggly markings created by the Ambrosia Beetle which weaves its tracks throughout the grain of this tree. Pin holes and gum veins add to the timbers physical characteristics, combined together the surface is full of feature, with that being said it is available in one grade. From long standing droughts, to ever changing storm conditions, ‘Wormy Chestnut’ is one of the more durable Aussie species available today. Its natural colour varies from dark blondes to light browns and overall will create an atmosphere of warmth and vibrance throughout your home.

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