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Built to weather the Australian elements, cork can withstand temperatures between -180°C and +120°C. Its cellular structure makes it a breathable material that is also airtight and won’t absorb water or gas. That way, your walls won’t rot or get mouldy. The lightweight flexibility of cork cladding also makes it impact-resistant and easy to work with and manipulate into unique shapes and patterns.

Why choose cork for your cladding?

Cork-clad external wall features will bring your architectural design to life with its earthy tones and raw texture. Beyond providing superior thermal and acoustic insulation, cork is one of the greenest building materials on the market. Manufactured by pioneers in cork production, Amorim, the environmental impact of creating our cork panels is low, and they are able to be recycled or reused. 



Whether you're looking for a bold contrast for your floors or a more laid-back colour scheme, our cork colour palette offers a profile and pattern to fit your style.

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    All of our cork products are produced by Amorim, who are the largest cork processing group in the world. Pioneers in cork manufacturing, Amorim have been revolutionising the industry since they began in 1870 making cork wine stoppers. Their mission is to create the highest-quality cork products that contribute to the market, economy, innovation and sustainability of the entire cork industry.

    Yes, it is! When you use cork for your exterior wall cladding, it acts as a noise buffer between the inside of your building and the outside world. The acoustic insulation is perfect for both external and interior walls.

    Cork cladding is naturally sustainable and biodegradable because it’s made from the bark of the cork oak tree, which is harvested every nine years. After it has been extracted, the bark will grow back. The process of producing cork wall cladding also creates very little waste because every byproduct of cork can be reused. Cork is actually carbon negative, so the production process removes more carbon from the environment than it creates.

    Cork’s weather-resistant properties make it a great option for external walls. It’s strong, sturdy and waterproof, so it can withstand wind, rain, and heat. It can also help regulate humidity.

    Exterior cork wall cladding is a super durable material that resists cracking and denting. It has a long lifespan thanks to its elasticity and compressibility, which allow it to spring back into shape after impact.

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