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BauBuche is made from Beech, a hardwood sourced from sustainable European forests, within 150km of the Pollmeier plant in Creuzburg, Germany. Pollmeier uses advanced peeling machines to make the BauBuche veneers and utilises every part of the tree in this process. The bark is burned to power the production plant, and excess twigs are made into charcoal so that nothing goes to waste. It’s a climate-friendly construction material for your stairs, countertops, furniture, or floors.

Why choose BauBuche panels?

The cost of BauBuche wood is comparable to traditional softwood products but with the aesthetic of hardwood. The Beech wood used to make BauBuche is stronger and more stable than other LVL materials making it easier to install. It also provides a sophisticated hardwood appearance and can be cut to much larger sizes for greater versatility. A sanded finish is perfect for staining to your desired colour tone. Come and see our BauBuche countertops and floors in our showroom or get in touch to request a sample.


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    BauBuche wood is sourced exclusively from sustainably managed forests in Creuzburg, Germany. In addition, wood processing for BauBuche uses every part of the tree, so there is no waste.

    All varnishes suitable for solid Beech wood are also acceptable for treating the surface of BauBuche countertops and other wood products.

    The horizontal block band sawing machine at the Pollmeier plant, where all BauBuche wood comes from, has a maximum width of 680 mm. BauBuche panel boards can be machined like solid wood and glued to achieve larger board widths.

    BauBuche countertops are a cost-effective option that won’t compromise on strength or aesthetics. Due to its high load-bearing capacity, BauBuche countertops are strong and structurally sound. Even when slim segments of BauBuche wood are used, it maintains a surprising amount of sturdiness. Beech, the tree from which BauBuche countertops are made, is traditionally a furniture maker’s wood. 

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