Why choose hardwood timber flooring?

Timber is flooring at its finest, making it an asset to any home or commercial property. It’s friendly for your floors and friendly for the planet, sourced from sustainably managed Australian forests. We offer a whole range of wood species and colours so you can achieve a look that matches your style. A look that will last as long as your floors do – which can be up to 50 years. Timber is also low maintenance, easy to clean, and durable, making it perfect for places with a lot of foot traffic.

Picking the perfect timber floor

Timber’s natural beauty, with its unique knots and grooves, means that no two timber floors are the same. With rich and organic grain patterns, our wood grades range from uniform select grade, which has a few natural imperfections, to our standard grade, which has more wood grain and knot markings. Then, our feature grade has a distinguished rustic look. We can help you pick the perfect colour profile and grade to fit your space and even offer custom sizes. Timber is also rated on its hardness and durability, so you can choose between hard and softwoods.



Whether you're choosing a wood tone to complement your interior design or colour-matching with your existing timber, we've got the perfect colour profile to suit your space.

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    The best solid hardwood flooring is made of wood species like Oak, Walnut, Maple, Blackbutt and Mahogany. Check the wood’s Janka rating, which indicates the hardness and durability. Ratings 12 and higher resist denting, preferable for high-traffic spaces in your house or business, such as the kitchen. Medium-density woods like Blackbutt would be great for your living room and dining room, while those rated 6 and below are softwoods, perfect for a low-traffic space such as your bedroom, guest room and closet.

    Yes, it does not accumulate dust and dander as readily as carpet and other materials, and it can be easily swept, vacuumed or lightly mopped. If you’re looking for non-allergenic flooring, talk to one of our experienced team members, who can offer valuable advice to guide your decision-making process.

    Both look similar and would leave you with great-looking floors for years to come, so the choice comes down to your personal preference. The prefinished forms of either floor are the most durable. Engineered flooring costs less and can only be sanded or refinished once. It has a thinner layer of hardwood on the surface, which is supported with a premium-quality plywood layer for good stability. Solid hardwood floors take weeks, while engineered prefinished floorboards can be installed within a couple of days. Engineered flooring lasts only 25-30 years, while solid flooring lasts longer, which is why prices are high. Made entirely of solid hardwood, usually from species like Oak, Maple, Walnut, and Blackbutt, solid hardwood timber flooring is thicker and can be sanded and refinished many times.

    Timber lasts much longer than other materials like vinyl or carpet, making it a very economical option when you consider that it can serve you for 40-50 years. In addition, every 10-15 years, you can have your timber flooring resanded and refinished, giving it a new lease on life.

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