Weight: 1090kg/m³
Hardness Rating (Janka): 14.0

Ironbark produces a stunning array of timber hues from pale brown to dark chocolate brown as well as dark red. The grain is usually interlocked, with a moderately coarse texture.

Grey Ironbark is reknowned for it’s hardness, it is also a CLASS-1 timber meaning it is highly durable for both in-ground and outdoor use.

With a 14.0kN Janka rating, Grey Ironbark is considered one of the hardest timbers available in Australia today. Please do not hesitate to contact our office for more information on this beautiful timber.

Standard Decking Sizes:

65mm x 19mm Lengths: 0.6m – 3.6m
86mm x 19mm Lengths: 0.9m – 5.4m
136mm x 19mm Lengths: 0.9m – 5.4m
130mm x 25mm Lengths: 0.9m – 5.4m
136mm x 32mm Lengths: 0.9m – 5.4m

Standard Decking Grades:

Select Grade, Standard Grade, Feature Grade (limited stock)