Cork bark straight from the Cork tree, manufactured into wall panels to provide a vivid natural   wall feature.

 Some variations in thickness can be expected in these panels and is part of the natural aesthetic of this product.

 Cork’s natural properties make it an excellent sound absorber. It reduces noise transmission  between and within rooms, creating a peaceful ambient atmosphere wherever it is utilized.

Wicanders is a truly green and sustainable brand. Produced by Amorim, the protection of the environment is of the utmost importance. Starting with the harvesting of our Cork products, it is removed from the trunk of the Cork tree by hand without ever damaging the tree. Every year    a new layer of bark grows making it a renewable and sustainable resource. Cork is ideal in  terms of the ever increasing demand for conservation of resources.

 It has unique and incomparable qualities which no product has yet managed to copy or improve on. Cork is made of 400 million cells per cm³ resembling a honeycomb like structure. This protects the tree from sharp weather temperature changes and as such makes it an ideal wall or floor covering for its insulation and acoustical benefits.


Size: 600x300x+-18mm
tundra cork