Dry Density: 950 kg/m³ 
Janka (Hardness) Rating: 11.0

Spotted Gum is an extremely adaptable and naturally strong timber which makes it ideally suited to numerous applications for both the commercial and private industries.

Spotted Gum was once predominantly used only as a structural timber, considering its natural aesthetics, durability and strength, its not surprising why Spotted Gum has grown to be one of Australia’s most widely used timbers today.
Because of its significant durability and versatility, you will find Spotted Gum being used in a huge variety of applications. From structural components, to flooring, decking, cladding, furniture making, landscaping, boat building, piers, poles, the list goes on.

We stock large rough sawn material in our Melbourne warehouse. We can glue-laminate benchtops to any size required.

Glue Laminated to any custom size. Can be supplied custom finished with oil, water based lacquer (PU), hardwax oil, including custom colour stains.

Available thicknesses, 19mm, 32mm, 42mm… (can be made in thicker sections, please contact us for more information)