Weight: 870kg/m³
Hardness Rating (Janka): 8.5

A medium to large Australian hardwood found in the southern regions of NSW, also found in some parts of Eastern VIC. Yellow Stringybark has a yellowish brown appearance; its texture is medium and even with an interlocking grain.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are several different varieties of Stringybark. One of the more popular being Yellow Stringybark (pictured in the gallery to the left). There is also a White Stringybark species and the more common ‘Mixed Stringybark’ species. Be sure to clarify which Stringybark you’re after. For more advice or information, please contact our office.

Standard Decking Sizes:

86mm x 19mm Lengths: 0.9m – 5.4m
136mm x 19mm Lengths: 0.9m – 5.4m

Standard Decking Grades:

Select Grade, Standard Grade, Feature Grade (Limited Stock)