Individual finger size: 160mm Long x 23mm Thick x 8mm Wide
Supplied in blocks: 320mm Long

European Oak Vertical Parquetry is an exceptionally sturdy and versatile – but at the same time inexpensive – solid timber flooring. It is extremely hardwearing and can withstand the impact of heavy usage and footfall far better than alternative flooring.
Even in high traffic areas it can be expected that it will be several years before any significant refurbishment work is required – at which point the flooring can be sanded and re-finished as new. It also has excellent sound inhibition properties, as well as being anti-static.

Quality Materials
European Oak Vertical Parquetry is made from upright and rowed parquet pieces, which are laid quickly and easily in pre-manufactured units directly onto the prepared sub-floor. The thickness of the material is 23mm and in common with all timber floors can then be sanded, surface treated and sealed. In fact, as the vertical parquetry has no tongue and groove, it can be sanded and re-finished more than normal timber floors.



Timeless Design
The scope for European Oak Vertical Parquetry is huge. From office, hotels, shops and restaurants to schools and stockrooms, the range of uses it has so far been put to is ever expanding. European Oak Vertical Parquetry allows the natural beauty and advantages of oak to go hand in hand with the practicalities of an inexpensive, sturdy and easy to maintain flooring – moreover one with excellent modern aesthetic impact.