“The building is an extraordinary structure, like other extraordinary structures on this part of the Essex coast, which hovers over the reclaimed marshland. It is a small, beautifully detailed and conceived house that has dealt with the considerable challenges presented by the site in a seemingly effortless way.”


Cork cladding is an exciting new product that innovative architects are quickly taking advantage of. Easily manipulated and highly sustainable, the product can be used for both internal and exterior applications and has a range of attributes that make it a highly desirable material.

Cork has excellent thermal and acoustic insulative properties and unlike many other building materials, MD cork facade is hardy enough to be recycled in both its final form and also into other cork products. Furthermore, the harvesting process for Cork does not harm the tree, and can be repeated every nine years – the result is an increase in the storage of CO2.

The use of MD facade in this project in Essex is a wonderful nod to the natural world. The material sits perfectly in amongst local marshes and has been left unfinished in order to weather. The waterproof material protects the house reducing the need for guttering and drainage.